1. Can you please do

    Pan from Pan’s Labyrinth

    Abe from Hellboy

    Cell from DBZ

    Joker from the Batman Arkham games

    An Uruk-Hai or Orc from Lord of the Rings

  2. Do Foxy
    Top Part of the lips To Nose Will Need A Long Thing with Sharp Teeth(some
    are yellow) Nose And so do it again in the bottom no nose Metal tongue
    Leave your teeth so its gonna be the second Jaw in the left on you Gonna Be
    Metal ear blah blah just take a photo

  3. AWESOME ! is the only word that come to my mind to describe this Skeletor
    tutorial =D
    Also, nothing in common with the video but everyone who reads this message,
    you’re an amazing person and I wish you a really good day =) 

  4. so i’ve been here for almost a year now. and i know absolutely NOTHING you
    say about the coloring and makeup (just because i don’t know what any of it
    is) but i am just here for the fascinating disguises you have thought up!
    lookin forward for another great year, Keep it up! 

  5. Could you do a Deadpool makeup tutorial??? I think that would be so
    amazing, and I am such a big fan of yours by the way! I really wish I could
    get more into make up but I don’t have the money to go about buying goods
    for fun. Maybe could you also give us a video telling us where to get
    cheaper makeup and what brands work best? Anyway love yah to pieces, chou~

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