1. Hi SkillTwins! I sended you an email about a week ago, about the new
    channel art. you replied and sended me the images I needed. Please check
    your inbox, I finished.

  2. IT’S HERE! SkillTwins Impress & made a effective skill tutorial with the
    WORLD CLASS DEFENDER DAVID ALABA! It was a honor to meet him! Can we reach
    15.000 Likes? That would be awesome! :D – #SkillTwins

  3. Hey Skilltwins i really like your Videos and i have 1 question: Wher do you
    come from? Because of the accent i would guess sweden But it would be cool
    when you could answer me
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  4. That is so amazing. I love how he pulled out his cell phone to record you
    guys doing skills in the locker room. So cool!

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