1. I don’t know why, but I could watch you contour your cheeks all day long!
    LOL. It’s just so perfect! You have good cheekbones to start with but it’s
    just like, so perfect and precise. Every time the contour part comes up in
    your video, and you’re all “Now I’m gonna contour my cheekbones” I’m like
    “….yes. Do dat shit.” :-D 

  2. Your necklace is stunning I’m obsessed.. This makeup look is very fresh and
    pretty I lobe it.. You make apply makeup look effortless xx

  3. Girl, this look is gorgeous! I thought Scarlett looked amazing too!! Also,
    your nails!!!! That color is so bomb!

  4. Is that the new wet n wild megalast color on your nails???? I have that
    same color polish and i just got it from a wet n wild stand at walgreens

  5. PS. Do you still use your ghetto homemade softbox as for lighting? Your
    lighting is perfect and I need to upgrade mine. I am just using daylight
    now and when the sky is grey (almost always here lol) my whole video is
    fucked up

  6. Is it strange that I feel like I am always watching chrisspy or desi when I
    am really watching lustrelux? And vice versa, Its like you three are the
    same person lol.

  7. I wear this kind of golden smokey eye all the time <3 its definitely my
    favourite look ♥ So glad you did it, will be using your tips xoxox much
    love stunner xoxox

  8. I got the same eyeshadow in my ipsy bag. I’m not at all impressed with the
    whole ipsy bag thing, but….oh well.
    That pixi shadow was not pigmented at all for the lighter shade. Advice?
    should i use a different primer?

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