1. Beautiful look Emily!!!! I was so suprised to see you hold up that NYX
    contour pallette at the end and say you liked it!!! I haven’t heard not 1
    good word about it and I bought it as soon as it came out…and I love it!
    Everyone is saying they hate it…that it’s hard to blend and chalky…I
    don’t see that in it. Maybe one shade in there is a little chalky (I
    believe it’s the matte white one) but besides that…I think it’s really
    nice. I think the shimmery highlights are nice…the banana shade it nice
    and the cool contour shade is great! And I dont have trouble blending it at
    all! Please do a review on it!!! I would love to hear what you think about

  2. This has to be the best look you have done so far! You makeup looks
    flawless! Everything you chose was perfect you are truly an artist. I
    bought that pigment set because I saw you talk about it and I was excited
    to see you use it in a tutorial

  3. Emily I love this look! You’re so talented and amazing and honest and
    beautiful! Will never stop watching you you’re my favorite YouTuber <33

  4. Emily – I can’t stress how good and informative you are. You’re so
    conscientious about your vlogs. However, you need a make-UNDER. You love
    makeup. I get it. We all benefit from your knowledge. But, you wear too
    much – your brows are too strong, too false-lashy etc. etc. etc. Never
    would I want to hurt your feelings but you look 10 years older than you
    are. Seriously. If you told me you were 41, I’d believe it. You could
    look prettier, younger, more modern if you slightly revised your look.
    Please please please take this into consideration.

  5. I feel so silly announcing this here on YouTube but I just got out of the
    hospital after a week and the nurses and some other patients were asking me
    the first thing I was gonna do when I got discharged. I said “hug my
    family, cuddle my doggies, eat red velvet cupcakes and watch my favorite
    youtuber Emilynoel83.” Thank you for all that you do, you feel like a
    friend to me, sorry if that comes off as weird :P but omg this look! Your
    eye color is just so intensified and the look is sooooo pretty. Love you
    Emily! :D 

  6. Emily you were the first youtuber I ever watched, it was your bump it hair
    tutorial about 5 years ago. I’m still a subscriber and you have to be one
    of the most consistent and best quality you tubers that I watch! Thank you 

  7. I’m usually not bothered by the vocal fry way of speaking, but this video
    was bad. i cringed a bit. could you please take it easy on the vocal fry?
    it’s the become the new “valley girl” accent and you just may as well talk
    in full on Ebonics or valley girl. idk no offense, i really can’t, lol not
    meaning to be a jerk at all.

  8. I’m loving this look…..and I believe u can still find Jane Cosmetics at
    Kohl’s (the ones that have a cosmetics department).

  9. You look so glamorous & ready for the Red Carpet! I love those lashes! I’ve
    got to have some of that blush! After this I’m gonna have to pull out my
    Lorac2 palette and play with it! I bet Tyler swooned over this look too!

  10. Agree with the others. Very talented. I really like how you explain in your
    tutorials. And as always products are easily available. And you don’t do
    things that are really far out there for us that are the working moms at
    home and wives. Would love to see a quickie look for running out the
    door… Thanks so much and this one is one of my favs!

  11. This is gorgeous. I saw a LA Colors pigment in a similar color at the
    Dollar Tree, and I wonder if it would be a good dupe!

  12. Hi! I’m french and i don’t speek english very well but i want to tell you
    your make up is very beautiful, i love the contrast between pink and dark
    bleu. Please can you tell me the name of your lipstick because i love it

  13. Emily you look Beautiful in this make up look. Your hair with this style
    is giving you a little of the Kim K look too haha but better of course.
    I wish we had such good drugstore make up in the uk, but we struggle to get
    Milani/jordana and I love some of the looks you do with those and Nyx. I
    just love the Lorac unzipped too but can we get that.. nope lol. I watch
    you all the time as I love your channel and tutorials. Thanks so much. Best
    Kim in the uk x

  14. I loooove the pioneer woman!! I use to play softball with her niece, she
    lives about 30 minutes away from me.

    And I love the eye look. Thinking about doing something like this for
    Miranda lambert tonight. 

  15. Emily, I have adored your videos for years and am so happy for the success
    of your channel! As a Carterville resident, I remember watching you on
    Channel 3 years ago then luckily found my way to your YouTube channel! You
    are the epitome of a genuinely good person and you represent the classy
    ladies of Southern Illinois very well, so Thank You! :-)

    This look is insanely gorgeous! After watching this video, I immediately
    ran to the bathroom to recreate this look! I used my lorac 1 pallet for the
    neutral base, the same pink maybelline color tattoo, and my navy matte
    shadow from the Too Faced A La Mode. For a daytime look, I skipped the
    lashes and bottom liner but smudged and blended a little of the navy
    eyeshadow on the corners of my lower lash line to meet the top liner wing.
    Then I used the Laura Mercier Caviar shadow stick in rose glow along the
    rest of my lower lash line and into the corner of my eye. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    this look.

    I don’t know if you have tried the Caviar a Shadow Sticks yet from LM, but
    they are AMAZING for a quick on-the-go look. I have them in rose glow,
    moonlight (similar color/finish as to maybelline bad to the bronze), and
    sugar frost) and cannot wait to pick up more in the future.

    Emily, I always look forward to your videos and this one definitely did not
    disappoint! Take care and thank you for the inspiration! 

  16. I’ve actually seen Jane cosmetics at my local Kohls, and hear Ulta was no
    longer going to carry the brand :( ADORE this look!! I would love a good
    double wing look from you! 

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