1. I am so excited to be showing you guys something new. To my knowledge, I
    dont think there are any “knit” makeup tutorials on YouTube. YEAHHHHH BABY!

  2. Yippee! Something fun and different! If you guys follow me on instagram,
    you know how much fun I was having with this look. Some of my absolute
    favorite looks are something that doesn’t exist, and are original, or
    originally requested by a subscriber. I love figuring out how to do things,
    create things, paint things, BRING THINGS TO LIFE! This is my outlet, my
    life, and my fun! If you guys have any suggestions of things that HAVE NOT
    BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES OVER all over YouTube and social media, please
    comment them below! I love a good challenge.

    LOOKS ON THE SECOND CHANNEL, my room is being redone right now!! I was
    trying to wait it out to do a new video once its complete, but I am not
    going to wait. It should be up in a couple days, if not tomorrow :) 

  4. Thank you guys for all of your suggestions! If you guys have a request that *HAS
    NOT BEEN DONE ALREADY BY A MILLION PEOPLE* and you’d like to see it, please
    comment your suggestions! I enjoy a good challenge!! ^.^! It keeps me
    entertained, haha!!

  5. 1. Sorry I couldn’t reply ;-; to your previous comment
    2. That’s hard leeeeex T.T
    3. How bout a-….no…..how bout-…..no…..got it!
    How bout an insane anime character!? Like a killer but adorable
    looking……with a creepy smile and blood :3….derp =.=’
    4. If u didn’t want the sock monkey to look creepy u should have dine the
    buttons bigger ;-;/ …..I guess….

  6. Ha ivcan just imagin a sock monkey stuffed with blood and everything for

    Anyway have you ever thought about a evil oompa loompa?
    I know that sounds daft XD
    I just read a creepy pasta about them dont follow the yellow brick road

  7. I got a little scared when it popped up on my phone. That’s what I get for
    not reading the title. Awesome texture, though!

  8. Doing the knitting in different skin tones and adding stitches to various
    sections would be very cool for halloween.. The effect is just stunning.

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