1. Tell me your secrets – like what?! I can’t seem to get the hang of applying
    house of lashes. The band is crazy thick! Inner corners never stay down…
    You make it look so easy! Perrrrffff! Jealous :’(

  2. Can anyone recommend a waterproof liquid liner that is *actually
    waterproof? I get really watery eyes in the winter because of the cold, and
    I have tried Schwing by The Balm, the Lorac Pro liner, the Kat Von D tattoo
    liner, Stila Stay All Day, NYC liquid liner, etc and NOTHING stays. My wing
    always ends up breaking up right at the corner of my eye and then I have
    the tip of the wing, bare skin, and then the rest of the liner. It’s so
    annoying! I can’t find anything that stays in my waterline, either. Thanks!

  3. Love this look, I hate that I have slightly hooded eyes cuz these looks
    don’t work on me but I can def use this in one of my upcoming photoshoots :) ) Hey I are going to Imats nyc and the makeup show nyc ?

  4. Hi girls! I’d love to ask you (if you’ve tried them) if, for shadows, you
    prefere MUG or Morphe!
    Btw… Love this look! I always go for it when I don’t know what makeup to

  5. I really love this look! Thanks for doing it for some reason I haven’t seen
    a soft pink/brown cut crease video before but it’s definitely what I’ve
    been looking for :) 

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