1. I really appreciate you putting the time and effort into these great
    tutorials. So informative. I have been really needing something on lighting
    and whatnot, thank you so much! 

  2. Great video Tony, awesome tips

    I sometimes struggle with outdoor light when the sun is blaring down
    casting harsh shadows and I dont have assistant to hold diffusers and

  3. You forgot to mention that the closer your diffuser is to the light source
    the harsher the light will be and vice versa.

  4. Learn the difference between soft light, hard light, and see exactly how
    reflectors and diffusers change your pictures.

  5. A great video! Nothing was particularly “new” for me, but I’ve never seen
    these things demonstrated so clearly.

  6. Well done Tony another great learning video for all us amateur
    photographer’s you do a great job of explaining how it all works thanks
    again and hopefully you will have another one for us very soon 

  7. Great stuff again. Care to do a tutorial about different lighting setups?
    With 1 vs 2 vs 3 stobes and how you orient them to the subject.

  8. Superb video man! There’s a many complicated ways to teach this and your
    explanation was absolutely wonderful and clean! Congrats!! I’m subscribed a
    long time and your vids are really great!! Keep it up, cheers from Brazil. 

  9. I have been using the same techniques for a few years now, but still an
    awesome video, keep them coming Tony.

  10. Great video!!! I am 14 years old and do not really like books. But I bought
    your book about 2 months ago and read it on the bus, for example, and I
    really love it. I have learned a lot of new stuff from it, and the examples
    are very clear and make it easier to learn.

  11. Hey we’re is the blonde girl did you fire her? This new girl seems to take
    direction very well, these lighting tricks that you show are awesome tips
    lighting is very important to use properly when it comes to photography
    thanks for showing us how, also your new girl seems very familiar like I’ve
    seen her at a store some where, great video.

  12. If you buy his amazing book, you can watch all his videos instantly and get
    much more information! 9 Hours of Video! Go buy it now! It’s worth it!

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