1. Well that’s certainly been a long time! Welcome back! xx Could you do a
    series of fav products? Like fav primers, blushers, foundations, eyeshadows
    et cetera? :D 

  2. Desio contacts may look good but they’re the worst contacts i have ever
    tried. They burned, irritated, hurt my eyes so bad. I even threw them away
    before it was expired. You don’t believe me, try it out and see for
    yourself. Just a waste of money! Not to forget their horrible customer

  3. Love it nura! But the countor on the cheek is too far and too low maybe if
    you try do it a little bit more up and not that far it will make ur cheeks
    look bigger and pretty the way you do it its the perfect way to do it in a
    men face i dont know maybe you will not see this but i know every one have
    there own ways to do it maybe if you try it it will be better anyways love
    love love ur makeup if you can check my channel the only bad side that is
    in spanish some in english also sorry my grammar is awwwwfull! 

  4. +Babylailalov Ugh! So SICK! Love a harsh A$# Contour(excuse my french).
    Everything else on the face can be subtle but a fierce…crisp…clean &
    pigmented Contour is Boss!!! Luv Ya Talent Chica…♡ Keep the Lovely
    tutorials coming…

  5. Ahhh nura you look gorgeous!! I love this look and you’re the only person I
    know who can rock that contour as good as you DO! And that grey scarf is
    perfect with your skin color ! Ugh I just love everything about this look
    and you and your talent mA! 

  6. Nailed it….. but you look so calm in this video… tired perhaps… love
    you so much ..everything i know about makeup i learned it from you..

  7. Do you still use Milk if Magnesha as a primer? Did u notice a difference on
    your skin?? Breakouts etc?! Please let us know..I’ve been hearing mixed
    reviews about it. I tried it and it’s good at controlling oil but in the
    long run its bad for you?! Is that true?!! 

  8. I know its your tradition to wear Hijabs, but it would be so interesting to
    see you with your hair down <3.<3 , either way you're so beautiful & your
    makeup is so flawless, xoxo ^.^

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