1. Whew, so gorgeous. That foiled look, though!! Dang. I know what I’m trying
    next time I play around with my makeup! Do you ever find yourself getting
    stuck in a makeup rut where you wear the same look over and over and over
    again? I do the same thing with what kind of pizza I order.

  2. I have the Benefit liner that’s like the Smashbox one, but I find the
    product seeps out when I’m done, so I come back to use it in a day or two
    and so much product has come out that it breaks off. I love the concept but
    I’ve wasted so much product and it saddens me. Maybe it’s because I’m
    impatient and twist the bottom too much, but it’s definitely not an item to
    repurchase for me.

  3. Question, how on earth do you manage such a perfect wing with your lashes
    curled? I have super curled lashes naturally, like they stick straight up!
    and I can never get a decent wing going because it is soooo difficult to do
    with my lashes always getting in the way. any tips would be appreciated,
    and I’m not trying to rub my curled lashes in your face (that would be the
    most awkward assault ever), I’d happily take straight lashes over these
    beasts. oh and ily, of course!

  4. They finally got Peekaboo Neutral back at my Ulta! It’s been out for the
    longest time there!! So, I scooped one up, and you were right. It’s
    amazing! Stay beautiful!

  5. watching a new video from you feels like seeing an old friend that you
    haven’t seen in a while, a feeling of comfort…

  6. I saw foiled in the title and I instantly knew it was going to be using
    Makeup Geek foiled shadows! Haha I seriously need to try these!!! :D 

  7. I love how you are so upfront about sponsored videos. It bugs me to no end
    when other YouTubers try to bury it in the description. I don’t mind
    watching sponsored videos when someone is honest and transparent. 

  8. Your voice overs always crack me up. That liner looks really nice though!
    Easier to work with than the benefit one? 

  9. To anyone interested in Retin-A: I’ve begun a new series on my journey with
    acne & Retin-A. If you’re having acne problems, this could work for you.
    I’ve been using Retin-A and antibiotics. So far so good!! Please let me
    know if you have any questions about either.

  10. o my goodness even before you started talking i noticed the color on your
    lips.. i love it.. of course had to look down at what the name was …put
    you on pause.. got to nyx website and order the pencil love that peekaboo
    color! with the warm me up lipstick..its perrrrfection… you did a great
    video…thank you always love your vlogs and videos.. hope you are feeling
    better ..love,karen xoxo

  11. Leighann listen to me girl!! Look into LVL lash perming and lifting! You
    won’t have to use waterproof or anything! Your lashes stay curled no matter
    what for months! It’s amazing. I can’t live without it!!!

  12. Love this. The plum liner is dark enough for me to pull it off and still
    being professional when I need to. I wish you zoomed in a bit more when you
    do your eyes. 

  13. Very beautiful! Thought about trying that mascara, seeing how it works on
    you, I’m going to go get it! Also, have to try the look. Thanks!

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