1. Your editing and your makeup looks are always perfect!! I really love that
    palette it has gorgeous colors!! I ran as soon as I saw your snapchat lol 

  2. I haven’t even gotten past the intro and I already know I love this look.
    You are flawless and you look amazing!!

  3. Kinda missing your dark hair. But your gorgeous no matter what. This look
    is so gorgeous.

    Please do an updated brow routine. I got the dipbrow and have no clue how
    to make it not look so harsh. 

  4. That lip color looks amazing on you! I know you love your nudes, but berry
    tones are perfect on you, girl! Fabulous as always. Love you!!!! 

  5. You are so beautiful and this look is great on you !! Thanks for being so
    consistent and uploading great content. ️Xoxo 

  6. I love your videos! you truly inspire me! Love how you always mix up you’re
    makeup from high end to dig store & anyways yourself! ♡♡♡♡

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