1. Dear Sona,

    You are such an inspiration to me whether it throughs your makeup skills or
    your confidence. I love your videos and have always loved them! I wish you
    did a meet up one day on the East Coast, I’d love to just talk to you and
    meet you :D 

  2. I have a question about setting your concealer…… how do you do it? Is
    it necessary? I have been trying to set it with translucent powder and it
    still looks dry any advice? Drug store products preferred TIA

  3. Obsessed with your last video, I’m getting my hair done tomorrow, and I
    will get my ends same violet colour! Have an excellent day Sona!!!

  4. GAAHHHHH, +Sona Gasparian you’re too cute! Honestly, as much as I’m almost
    broke from my student budget I’m SOOOO tempted to get the CT foundation
    because it looks soo comparable to your Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua but just a
    bit more sheer which is what I love, something that’s not too heavy. GAHHHH
    why must you be so good at selling these things to meeee?!?! lol (not like
    it’s a bad thing). I think it’s because you’re so informative and
    instructive with all the products you use in your tutorials!!

    BTW! Your nail game #onfleek ! What colour is it???

  5. Sona, I really ADORE this look!! It is gorgeous!!
    Your makeup is always on POINT! Definitely gonna try this look!
    Thank you for always making good videos, love you<3

  6. I hope that made sense it’s so hard to explain lol:)) do you have hourglass
    ambient lighting blush in diffused heat?? I love mood exposure and want
    diffused heat for spring/summer!!

  7. This is SO PERFECT !!!!! Totally LOVE IT !!!!! I would love to see more of
    the Charlotte Tilbury foundation and Wonder Glow. I bought Wonder Glow and
    returned it i think i just didn’t know how to use it. I would love to hear
    a review of both of those products and what to expect from them. I’m an
    amateur trying very hard to get my makeup right !!!! HA !! I’m getting
    there slowly.

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