1. Don’t worry guys, I am absolutely sure they are reading all the comments
    about starting the makeup from the zero, the quality, etc. They make these
    videos days before they are out. It’s not Camila who takes care of the
    editing and uploading of this channel, so I am absolutely sure that they
    record many videos in a row, as she needs to go to a studio and she doesn’t
    so often cause she is always traveling. I bet they still have some
    pre-recorded videos to post, but I’m sure that when she is back there to
    make more, they will change a lot of stuff. Same happened in the brazilian
    channel. Camila is a beautiful person, she is just super busy so it takes a
    while till she sets everything :}

  2. Love your videos Camila, but do more color eyeliner pencil looks not just
    turqoise or purple I feel like every pop of color or spring video you use
    same colors.
    I follow you on both chanells, and you portugese one is always much better
    than english.You should do vlogs ,morning routines and stuff like that,
    like you do on your other channel.I know you are celebrity in Brazil and
    everyone loves you there but your english language fans love you too :)
    Sending you lots of love <3

  3. Love you Camila but your face makeup looks very unnatural and not blended,
    especially the nose contour…Also, I think more people would like to see a
    full-face tutorial rather than half your face already being done, since it
    can be very repetitive and uninteresting. Just my opinion & just a few
    pointers <3

  4. Any small youtubers wanna support each other by subscribing? :) & any small
    youtubers wanna collab? (I’m open to any suggestions!) :) :) <3<3<3

  5. you would look better without the brown contoured nose and the highlighter
    on it. it looks unnatural and it makes your nose wider. it’s just my
    personal opinion … and i would prefer to see also the foundation make up,
    not just five min. on one eye. 

  6. I’m loving the turquoise on the lower lash line <3 It looks so gorgeous
    with the bronzy look! Great tutorial! I really want the vice 3 pallet <3
    it's got some gorgeous colors :D 

  7. I don’t understand why you put a lot more effort into your Portuguese
    channel? Vlogs, tutorials, favorites… Your English channel could grow so
    much if you put a little more effort to it… That’s quite disappointing…

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