1. So beautiful !! & yes I’ve been there too where I’m doing a look & during
    don’t like it but in the end it all comes together !! Xoxo & yes your brows
    look great

  2. So I go on Youtube, “I’ll look at some Easter makeup ideas, get inspired
    by different ones and make my own.”

    Then I saw your eyes and said, “Nope, that’s what I want!” Thank you and
    Happy Easter!

  3. Great out of the box look! I love the natural brow! I love your honesty
    about the process of trying to create a beautiful look. Good job I am

  4. Love this! I just ordered wisteria and I’m super excited about it. I’m glad
    I waited to get it until she reformulated it. 

  5. I’m a new subscriber can I just say how much I enjoy watching your videos
    and the way u talk you remind me of my best friend who passed 2 yrs ago. I
    miss her so much) your awesome and make up and your doing a great job

  6. You are so talented! I love all your work. Btw your ring light settings are
    so nice. Do you mind sharing them? My ring light makes me look washed out :( 

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