1. I am a backer. I love where they are going. I feel like there should be
    greater sense of inertia when taking off. Things almost seem a little too
    1:1 and immediate. I just don’t feel that nice sense of weight that the
    ship would have. Great video.

  2. Well, after watching this tutorial I can safely say that I don’t need to to
    play it to learn anything new, but I guess that’s not the point. This is
    supposed to be for people who are just starting the game for the first
    time. On that front I don’t know if the explanations are really that good.
    Especially on the take off and landing part. I think a bit more time
    needs to be spent on letting the player feel the difference between coupled
    and de-coupled mode. Honestly, I would recommend that all new pilots learn
    to fly the old school way: start up free-flight on broken moon and slalom
    through the debris until you can hit it full throttle without crashing.
    Then, take it to the race track once you get a feel for how your ship

  3. That was awesome! even though I totally know how to fly, it was nice to see
    the hanger and space kinda meld together in the tutorial. I’m super stoked,
    I personally think this is going to be the best game of all time AND going
    to change the gaming industry (even more than it already has)!

  4. Hey! Great video! I don’t own the game right now but have been following it
    for years and to see this kind of game-play brings me to believe now is a
    good time to buy it! :) I’m just wondering what your computer specs are
    since I’m buying a desktop and would love to make this game look as great
    as possible to give it all the credit it deserves! Again, amazing video-
    looks awesome!

  5. The game looks great and they’re clearly making progress on it, but it
    still looks far from even a beta release, and that’s a lot of subsystems to
    keep track of.
    You’d think they’d learn how to streamline a HUD in the future…
    - Ship status: [Everything's OK/No need to worry yet/GTFO while you still
    can/Yell "EJECT" in the mic]
    - Targeting reticule on other ships: [No shoot/Shoot/Too far away to care]

    …And that’s it, and it should also be colour-coded for added simplicity
    (or in case I don’t know how to read), but they think I like to accurately
    micromanage power to my shields and stuff and read abstruse words I don’t
    entirely understand… haha, you greatly overestimate me.

  6. Great vid!
    Could you record with your FPS visible? Would be great to see what i7 5820k
    can do in SC.
    What frames were you getting during tutorial?

  7. By the time this goddamn game finally comes out the human race will
    actually be living in space colonies. It’s ridiculous…

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