1. I would like to see a tutorial using Naked 3 palette… there are some on
    YT but they are all the same. Maybe day to night make-up using that
    palette? Pretty please :) 

  2. Oh! Here’s an idea – maybe try a “One look (or one palette) Three Ways” –
    the first is a more everyday/weekend natural look, second is amping it up
    for a date night or a more professional polished setting, and the third is
    full-out glamourous/special occasion!

  3. I would just LOVE to see a tutorial using a blue eyeshadow, like aqua or
    navy! I feel like whenever I buy a new palette there’s always just one blue
    eyeshadow in it, but i never know how to use it, either by it’s own or
    incorporated with the other colors of the palette! 

  4. Love that you’re going to do tutorials every week!! Maybe a “shop my stash”
    tutorial using older palettes that a lot of people may have every now and

  5. You are such a natural beauty Tati! This look was beautiful! Good morning
    btw LOL!

    subscribing to new channels! 

  6. I cannot… I just… cannot… This makeup and YOU are perfection…. Sooo
    damn beautiful that.. I’m speechless… xx wowowooow…

  7. Tutorial Tuesdays – yay!!!!!!
    I have a question about setting my foundation and concealer. If I set with
    a powder do I still need a setting spray? Or if I am going to use a setting
    spray do I need to still set with powder first? Sometimes I really like my
    foundation without powder, but it doesn’t stay put. If anyone can help me
    out that would be great!

  8. enjoyed the tutorial and excited about the tutorial series!! would you
    revisit some of the eyeshadow palettes you have a create some looks with
    those :-) ?? i’m always looking for new looks using palettes i already have

  9. Love the idea of Tutorial Tuesday!
    I would love to see a simple 5 or 10 minute make up tutorial to do in the
    morning before going to university to classes because usually I don’t have
    more than 10 minutes to do my make up but I still wanna look fresh and
    Hugs :) 

  10. Love tutorial Tuesday’s already! Well done on your hard work and dedication
    on the tip Tuesday series; I really enjoyed them. For future tutorials it
    would be kinda cool to use some of the older palettes like any of the naked
    1-3 or others. I’m probably the only person that doesn’t like to have a ton
    of products (strange I know) so I don’t often buy the newest palettes.
    Honestly I’m down for whatever but just thought a little throwback tutorial
    using older palettes would be cool :) 

  11. I love those lashes you used…I am going to have to check flutter lashes
    for them but I still need to practice applying falsies

  12. I really like how you labeled the colors on the palette. Id love to see a
    pinks and purples look….just curious what you would do with it!

  13. Before Summer, how about a cool tone eye look for Spring, perhaps a
    beautiful shimmery blue green? I would like to see highlight and shadow
    with NO bronzer just once, please?

  14. I love this look… light and sweet yet gorgeous and sexy all at the same
    time. And I’ve never had hair envy so hard.

  15. This might be a stupid question…But, what is the difference between the
    “high end” eye lash curlers and the cheaper ones? Do they make your curl
    stay longer? Anyway, great look! :) 

  16. Tati this looks amazing on you!!! I love the whole look, and that palette
    looks gorgeous too :) I love the idea love seeing different looks from all
    you beauties :) Thanks for sharing much love and blessings xoxoxoxo <3

  17. Could you do a thing where you do tutorials with things that you mentioned
    once or did one tutorial for and do another one? ( i.e. Too faced chocolate

  18. Would love to see a nighttime look for someone with hooded eyes as you
    can’t see my shadow unless eyes are closed and can’t really find other
    gurus who cater for this. Love you Tati xxx

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