1. Omg! I love water marble nails! I tried water marble one time but my nail
    polish didn’t work right in the water. But this video helped a lot! Thank
    you! ❤

  2. exellent a very polished nail for my daughters birthday she went to
    coimbatore tha time she put this nail marble colours it was very nice for
    nails so once again a very much big thankyou for u and your name is Mucking
    Fusser thanks a lot

  3. All of that polish for one fingernail is such a waste. It’s a great look
    though. I would try and find the cheapest nail polishes specifically for
    water marbling, like less than $1 in price.

  4. Awesome colors. I love the rainbow marble. I also do water marble video’s
    and many more nail looks. Would love for your feedback on some of them and
    if u want to subscribe u can. Great how to video. tfs sweetie and please
    come check my channel out sometime. 

  5. I saw this on Instagram and had to come watch the full “lesson” – love it.
    I have been experimenting with water marbling, but haven’t been able to get
    the neat, thin stripes like these. Gonna try this tomorrow! Thanks so much :) 

  6. They came out so cute i might try this one day if i have the stickers and i
    dont have the right nail Polish for the rainbow thing but i want to try it
    someday so it came out good and thank you for showing us this plaese make
    more like this if thats fine

  7. This my sound dumb T.T but I’m completly new at this whole nail art thing.
    I was wondering… I understand that the nail polish matters a lot, but is
    that all you have to worry about? Or do you have to put something into the
    water? Idk xD

  8. And I thought I needed to clean my water marble glass out!! LOL :) I
    really like those colors!! I find it easier if I miss a spot and there is
    a little bit of white showing, I dip the tip of a toothpick in the color
    and put it on that way, less clean up after fixing. 

  9. You used so much nail polish for only one nail…you can put more than 2
    nails in there, don’t waste so much nail polish.

  10. I Love this :) I still have problems water marbling it always drops and
    then the color never shows I must be using the wrong brands of polish

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