1. Yes! Finally a spring look on my feed! This came out so pretty. I’m gonna
    have to try it. I actually bought that shimmery lavender color a Loooong
    time ago before Morphe became YouTube famous. Tired of seeing all the heavy
    contour/highlight and heavy ass winged liner on my feed! Thanks Steph! 

  2. Don’t you love it when they say “I already did the face make-up to save
    time” when they rarely film any tutorials at all. They make it like they
    are doing us a favor. Wow thanks

  3. Since I got some hate for a previous comment about your recent sponsored
    videos, I want to tell you thank you for listening and give us a good old
    fashioned makeup tutorial. I love this look, and your hair looks shiny and
    beautiful here… can’t say enough! Keep up the hard work–it really shows
    you care. Love you girl, sticking by you! ♡♡

  4. I thought you were going to vlog your mexico trip?! i was expecting to live
    vicariously through you but i guess not! :( +SMLx0 

  5. Steph, you are so freakin cute in the outtakes! Love this look, I need the
    sunshine in my life NOW!!! Hope you had an amazing vacation ;) Glad you’re

  6. One of my favourite looks on you!! you look soooo gorgeous! i love ur tan,
    i don’t know why but i feel like you rock a tan SO much, it makes you look
    SOO exotic!! 

  7. AMEN !!! If I see another boot so help me god ! I am done with winter bring
    on the springiness lol The tan and raven hair is giving me an Italian
    latina vibe I’m feelin it very very pretty as usual Steph ! xoxo

  8. Ugh god I know, I live IN Syracuse, NY it’s so freaking cold here!!! It was
    raining and windy and chilly today. Spring where are you?!?! :( 

  9. I think this is the cherry Blossom Print. I searched online at express and
    they only have the skirts in that print. On the website. 

  10. Are you using a new camera? :) I’m thinking about buying the Song nex f3
    because I’ve read you are/were using it but I’m not sure if it’s still
    actual cause your videos look different recently. It would be so nice if
    you could answer me :) I love your videos and you’re sooooooo pretty! :) 

  11. Soo Pretty!! Love the Peach n Purple combo for spring :D
    YES, please do an updated foundation routine!!! And a Hair Care Routine,
    your hair looks soo healthy! xo

  12. super cute look! & you’re gorgeous as usual <3 why don't you tell us about
    your vacation? Did you like it & what have you done? I was looking forward
    to a vlog? :( 

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