1. a competitive tutorial for mewtwo, that escalated quickly :D
    unfortunately, i cant watch it now, but ill do tomorrow, but already thanks
    for doing that, i’ll edit my comment after having watched it =))

  2. Jtails, people can act out of side b (confusion) once it hits them.. Those
    combos wouldn’t work if someone is hitting A or techs that trip.

  3. Right now my main is going to be mewtwo it is so fun to play and so
    powerful it’s just the first character I feel so comfortable 

  4. Side B into SH dair if they try to jump I can kill at 110% depends on
    weight if it kills but is definitely an option since people can jump.

  5. The Shofu Combo: Use Side B, then jab lock your opponent with an uncharged
    Shadow Ball. They are forced into a neutral get up, where you will disable
    them. Finally, dash into an up smash.

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