1. Your videos always seem to be uploaded at the perfect time for me. This was
    so relaxing to watch and listen to- just what I needed on a Friday night.
    Thank you for all that you do <3

  2. Hi Maria! I love all your videos! I’ve been watching for a few years now
    but this is my first comment. Wishing you the best in 2015! Thank you for
    sharing your gift with us! I appreciate all that you do! 

  3. Must comment before completely incapable of forming sentences. I can *feel*
    your concentration when putting down the colours and that’s a huge trigger
    for me, to feel someone looking. Your up close whispering is the best
    arrrg. I always love the little details and I feel like all your colours
    were planned out, your shirt, nails and the backdrop, the paper on the
    table all matches to create this rich earthy colour palette and your hair
    and lipstick are like a pale flower in the middle… Ok I sound creepy lol
    Hmm is this why there is so much green tone? To make us calm and to keep us
    from getting fat? *eats fudge* 

  4. I love everything about youuuu i swear. The way you move your hands so
    delicately, your pronunciation, compassion for others, and you’re a
    bombshell on top of all that.
    I fangirl for you so hardddddd

  5. People please listen !! I think Maria is in real trouble. She is doing dark
    programming. She is being controlled by dark evil beings. I am not a
    religious person.. but i can feel something bad got to her. She is showing
    us evil faces in this video. That works on the unconscious mind, so we
    slowly go dark in our own minds. She also refers to dark programming in her
    other video. Be aware of this, we need to help her. She is in trouble.

  6. Awesome video again i love the simplistic setting of the video with black
    background, also is it just me or at 4:22 in the bottom left of the picture
    there’s a almost sad looking parrot? LOL it reminded me of the lion king.

  7. Serious question: do you get just a little bothered by the fact that maybe
    you’ll like to tell us something, but some viewers are here just for
    sleeping and tingles? Anyway I’m here for the story, tingles and
    relaxation, thanks Maria.

  8. Oh my flipping gawd! I used to do this as a child >,,< oh my gawd, oh my freaking
    damned of every time I mixed markers with white glue and thought I was a
    genius gawd ….holy f …ok I'm done…it's super late and I'm

  9. Maria I really miss your videos that are a bit louder. You know the volume
    of the original Sassy Marsha? I love ASMR but lately I feel as though your
    soft spoken videos are more like whispered. I am one of those people who
    can’t really watch whisper videos as something about doesn’t trigger
    tingles, it triggers a strong feeling of anger.

  10. You have inspired me to make some ASMR videos using nature as the backdrop.
    I am out in nature all the time so making the videos just makes sense, I
    hope they come out well and people can enjoy them!! Thank you for all that
    you do…your videos really help me relax and just put every stress in life
    on the back burner. I always look forward to your vids!

  11. This reminds me of tie dye,but with greater detail,These would look cool on
    a T Shirt not sure how it could be done tho.

  12. I got so depressed when waiting for a new video, my Dad could hear “gentle
    whimpering” coming from my room. All better now, though.

  13. Wow, I’ve never seen such nice people in the comments section before.
    Usually there’s a lot of belligerent assholes in the YouTube community but
    definitely not here! Maybe people that experience ASMR are just nicer in
    general haha

  14. Thank you for all that you do. I know that I speak for countless others
    when I say that your videos are absolute stress-relievers! When I have a
    mirgaine and don’t want to take pain killers, your videos naturally soothe
    my aching mind n-n ❤

  15. Excelente video para liberar tensiones de la vida diaria…y perfecto para
    verlos antes de ir a dormir .Felicidades Maria,GentleWhispering .
    Excellent video to release tensions of everyday life … and perfect for
    them before bedtime .Congratulations Maria,GentleWhispering.

  16. This is really neat and relaxing to watch and i’m sure it’s amazing to try.
    It reminds me a little of those black ink blotch pictures that people will
    sometimes create and they ask other people what it is that they see within
    it. It’s kind of a way to look more deeply within yourself and what you’re
    feeling, i believe.

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