1. I honestly feel like if i am watching a better version of the movie when it
    comes to your videos! I loved this so much you always put a smile on my

  2. I love you Promise there is not one video that I dont like! Your so
    amazing, I wish you get a makeup brand like Michelle, call it The Dopest
    Things! Haha lol I LUV YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I loved this! It definitely had me laughing! Make a Lady Tremaine/
    Anastasia & Drizella one from Cinderella next! ❤

  4. Oh My God! I cant wait to show my 4 year old this video. We love Tangled.
    Amazing as always. Hugs from Philly!

  5. You never fail to impress me Promise! I absolutely loved the video! I had
    been looking forward to it since you posted the picture on Facebook and to
    actually see it come to life felt amazing! Ok well.. I’m gonna go watch it
    again.. Lol. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention how beautiul your skin
    looks! I would pay to see a skincare routine video from you! 

  6. You are so beautiful and inspiring <3 I love your videos so much, and you
    are the first channel i ever subscribed to. I've got all my friends to
    subscribe to you to c:

  7. recently i bought that mac brush that you are using for contouring… im
    using it for foundation but well as i can see it works perfectly on
    contouring as well. im so in love with this brush. nice tutorial promise .
    you are really talented

  8. Promise please don’t take this the wrong way, but I was just
    wondering…..you have had a lot of videos with some of your family members
    in them for quite a while now. I was just wondering if they have moved in
    with you and your husband permanently. I mean you and your husband should
    be able to spend some time alone together. Like I said I’m not trying to
    sound mean. That’s sweet of you if that is the case. :) 

  9. Omg! This is gold!!! I always love your transformation videos, Promise! You
    are so talented and beautiful with or without makeup! :) 

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