1. Brownie points to those who are answering my question from the video! I
    have no idea why they call it brownie points, no one actually gets
    brownies. Sorry guys.

  2. Woohoo! I’m early! This looks soooo freaking awesome!!!! As usual, you
    never fail to amaze me! I kinda wanna see the Lazarus Effect, but doubt my
    parents will let me (thirteen year old here……huge fan of Supernatural),
    so, oh well. Anyway, I am a super-de-duper (I cannot believe I just typed
    that.:-P) big fan of yours. You’re kinda like my freaking idol…..I need a
    poster for the shrine….just kidding, pfft, I don’t have a
    shrine……………yet. Jk, jk, lol! Ily! XD <3

  3. I really like that you use silicone instead of liquid latex. I would love
    to do this type of stuff, but my brother is allergic to latex so I rather
    not use any kind of latex. You’re pretty much the only person I’ve watched
    that does not use liquid latex, and I like that.(:

  4. Saw that it was promoted and I thought, “FINALLY! More recognition for Lex!
    This is so scary. I love Olivia Wilde so I’m definitely going to see the

  5. Omg, I had to double check if an ad was playing before the video at the
    beginning! I was like, “WHERE’S LEX, DID I CLICK THE WRONG VIDEO, OMG BABE
    HELP THERE’S A SCARY MOVIE TRAILER!” I’m a total wuss when it comes to the
    horror genre, but gory make up tutorials make me happy. Amazing work as

  6. I’m excited that Evan Peters is in the movie but my mom said that she
    wasn’t taking me so now I have to wait until someone will take me when it
    comes out 

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