1. Hey guys! Next tutorial! Sorry I haven’t been uploading the last couple of
    weeks, was super unwell (bad cold) but all better now! And back to
    uploading! :) Expect the Omegle video using this tutorial coming super soon
    too :3


  2. Hey Pinkstylist I don’t know if you take requests, but if you do can do do
    a Majora’s mask makeup tutorial? It would be cool with the 3DS version
    release. Thanks.

  3. I feel like it would’ve added more effect if the make up was dirtied a bit
    to match the costume. Would’ve looked a little creepier. Other than that,
    looks great.

  4. Massive WOW, an amazing tutorial, you look Awesome, you just have to go on
    ‘Omegle with this look Charlie, you will freak the bejesus out of everyone.
    Love love love your channel, big hugz and loves to you and your partner

  5. You should do a horrific Devil demon look that’s absolutely terrifying and
    scare people on Omegle. Possibly having real fire or fake fire in the
    background or something haha

  6. Could u do a five nights at freddys foxy makeup tutorial i know its kinda
    nerdy but it would be really cool if u could.
    P.s. You’ve helped me through so much in my life when I’m having a bad day
    u make them better. One day i was at school and got called dike and fag and
    came home crying and then i watched ur vids and was so much happier i cant
    thank u enough.

  7. The make up looks so awesome! I was wondering if you could do Foxy since
    I’m trying to figure a way to be Foxy this Halloween. I wanna everyone to
    hAve a good scare out of it. Could you please help? I want to ask the pro
    so I know I’ll look good! I’m sorry if I sound selfish. :c It was just
    thought. But thank you for reading this comment if you did. :3

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