1. Step 1: Start with perfectly soft, straight hair.

    As a curly haired girl, I couldn’t believe how straight your hair went when
    you were blow drying it with your fingers. My hair, with a paddle and
    round brush, is still always a frizzy wavy puffy mess at the end of blow
    drying. Can’t wait to try out this look! 

  2. Just remembered that I wished they had chosen you for the Bake Off Comic
    Relief instead a youtuber called Zoe. I know you like to bake and you have
    such a nice manner about you – Mary would have loved you!! x

  3. The one where I go all Olsen twins circa 2003 and show you how I’ve been
    waving my hair with just a pair of straighteners and a much-practiced

  4. You know those shampoo commercials where the girl has impossibly shiny and
    perfect hair after blowdrying?

    Yeah, that’s you ;) 

  5. I have naturally curly/wavy hair so I don’t need much help in this
    department but I’m going to show this to my mom. I think she would benefit
    from how easy your method is. :-) 

  6. I only own a straightener and blow dryer too haha people are always amazed
    the curls i do with a straightener! Awesome video <3

  7. It’s so nice to see you not using a conditioner. I moved away from
    conditioners a few years ago after not being able to find any that didn’t
    leave a film on my hair that couldn’t be removed without harsh sulphates.
    After the initial crazy hair situation, my hair has never looked better. I
    use coconut oil or almond oil to condition once a week.
    Are those GHDs the new ones? If so and you haven’t already, could you
    possibly do a review on the blog as I’ve been dithering about getting them
    for ages. The link just sends me to selfridges home page.
    Thanks for the video as always.

  8. Every time I see you on Instagram and here on YouTube with your hair like
    this you make me want to CHOP MINE OFF! See you soon! xx

  9. I want that Living Proof product to come to the UK *.* You and lily need to
    stop recommending things… Breaking my baaaank!!! :D 

  10. Have always loved this loose curl look but am still at the point of
    practicing in front of the mirror. Hopefully one day I can master it! 

  11. I just did a tutorial for wavy hair, too, but with a wand. I think I might
    need to try with a straightener now! You’re hair always looks perf! 

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