1. To the person who edits MS* vids…. ACK… I stopped the vid at the 18:31
    mark because I had to say… please…. don’t play music over Jenny’s voice
    and speed the recording up for the sake of saving time. She is talking the
    whole time — and giving important advice as she goes. Grr… please…. I
    am quite sure the people who have watched every single minute of all of her
    vids feel the same way!!!! Please…. ((the only exception is a jelly roll
    race, lol, but even then, all of us that love her, would enjoy hearing
    Jenny ramble on about anything at all as she sews all the the strips.
    Thank you for another great lesson Jenny. Nancy

  2. These would make great birthday gifts for some of the women in my family.
    Thank-you Jenny for the great tutorials every week. I learn so much from

  3. Buenos días, muchas gracias por sus enseñanzas, he aprendido mucho con
    usted, la saludo desde Colombia, espero que Dios le siga dando salud, buena
    compañía, mucho amor y todo lo bueno de este mundo para usted y su familia
    en este 2015.
    Good morning, thank you very much for his teachings, I learned a lot with
    you, the greeting from Colombia, I hope God continue to give you health,
    good company, love and everything good in this world for you and your
    family in this 2015

  4. First. this was lovely. Second, you have the creamiest soothing
    voice! Next, I thank you for this tutorial on zippers! actually this was
    the best in terms of making a pouch, Also, where do you get your irons? I
    noticed you have them in a variety of colors! Finally, you make putting
    together quilts seem so easy and it makes me miss my sewing machine! 

  5. I love it! Must try this…good for using up those small pieces of fabric
    that I didn’t know what to do with… (plus…watched your pillowcase
    tutorial and ‘got addicted’ to making those…now I can switch to POUCHES!!

  6. Thank you Jenny! I have always wanted to learn how to add a supporting,
    have been afraid to try. I can’t wait to make one :) 

  7. Best Zippered Pouch tutorial ever (and I think I have watched them all.)
    You addressed covering the zipper’s end, using scraps to create the inner
    and outer covers, etc. Thank you!

  8. I love, love, love this one. Thanks Jenny, as always so professional with
    a smile. Happy New Year! Many Blessings in 2015.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I love your videos, jenny. Keep them coming!!! Thank
    you so much for sharing. I just made a car seat quilt for an expecting
    friend and now I’m going to make a diaper bag as well. Now I can put the
    zipper in so easily. Thanks again!!!!

  10. thank you – just made my first pouch. love it! my only problem is that
    the inside of my zipper doesn’t look very neat. I suspect I just need a
    bit of practice. Had to be sure to catch the other side of the zipper in
    my topstitching. I’ll do it better next time. But a first effort wasn’t
    bad. Thanks so much for making this so doable!

  11. I’ve done this, but I was delighted to learn the little tweeks that make it
    look so much better! Thank you, Jenny (and every one there!) 

  12. I do something similar to this with my leftover 10 inch layer cake squares.
    Good use of leftover layer cakes. Makes a nice little bag. I add a wrist
    strap for carrying. You can make wallets too. I’ve never done the zipper
    tabs and I just love that idea! I’m definitely going to add that. Looks
    much more professional and finished! Thanks Jenny! 

  13. Ya did it again, what a great idea and made it look easy. easy is
    important. You remind me of that crazy Aunt we always loved to visit. she
    would think up neat things to do. She was always the favorite Aunt. She is
    the one who taught you how to use Eye liner, made cookies at midnight and
    made you laugh when you were grumpy. You are a lovely lady and your
    children are most lucky to have you. Happy New Year

  14. Jenny I’ve watched quite a few of your tutorials over the last several days
    and I’m absolutely hooked!! I’m going to buy a sewing machine and setup my
    tablet next to it so I can sew along with you! You have the best teaching
    style – so friendly and easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank

  15. Thank you Jenny, First, for validating “my style of sewing”..:) and Second
    for showing others HOW to accomplish this style pouch… At the retreat I
    tried to show others how I made my “favor” item was made,,I think I may
    have confused them more!! YOU have the gift of making things easy to
    understand… My brain is the smaller version of yours creatively…
    OH,,, and I’ve now learned how to finish off the “ends” of the zipper
    better..Thanks Jenny,, We love you… Happy New Year.. hugs, GrammaBabs

  16. I have been making these in much the same way for years, as make up travel
    bags for girlfriends. The only thing different that I do is zig zag all the
    raw edges. It eliminates fraying around the zipper area, so the threads
    don’t get caught in the zipper teeth when used.

    This is a great video. So many uses for these little bags. 

  17. Happy New Year Jenny and Missouri Star Quilt Co.! Now I know what to make
    for presents for next Christmas, time to get started! Thanks again for
    another wonderful, easy to understand video!

  18. Love this!! Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time… How about
    a sewing machine cover? Would love to see a tutorial on that. 

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