1. I know some people dont enjoy this app but some people do including myself :) Hope its helped a few of you get used to the game!

  2. Is it just me or KSI looks like KSIOlajideBT, therealKSI, Olajide Olatunji,
    Deji’s brother and one black man from the Sidemen?

    “Lovers gonna love, tomatoes gonna tomate.” – Reuben Jude Cherian

  3. Started last year but forget everything abt this game already. Wat does
    sold out mean? Does it mean it’s not available in packs anymore?

  4. Well the app looks fucking sick on ios, it’s shit and slow on android and
    that’s the problem a lot of people are having i think

  5. The guys that played this app before you and the rest of the people joined
    because of you (this includes me). I don’t have much of a problem with the
    Youtubers, unless people give you free cards which I hope they don’t. It is
    the fact that so many new people joined who can’t send a good trade for
    their life. I asked for people to send me BB Reus, about 10 people with
    less then 20 fan ratings offered me Common (White) Reus or Uncommon (Green)
    Reus. And that is what a lot of other people think, only a few people have
    a problem with you and Nep and Skillz etc. But most of us are annoyed at
    the people you guys have brought in which don’t have any idea what they are
    doing, but only play because you guys do.

  6. Hey im SyrianGamer HD and i know like the most of you are not gonna read
    this or just gonna drop some hate/rasist comments down here. But all i want
    to say is that i love to game and i just have like 10 subs it would me
    amasing if you subbed to me, i sub back and if you wanna take a look to my
    videos and drop a like!

    Thanks for reading this, have a nice day

  7. Is it just me or does a brick look like solid cement and a red hard box?

    “Onions are gonna onion,firemen are gonna fire”-Aras Vardanyan

  8. Bateson, I’ve used the tapjoy free coins in the store where I download
    games and then I get the coins. I can’t see it in the store anymore so does
    that mean since I’ve used it once, I can’t use it again?

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