1. Dear whoever’s reading this, you’re beautiful and someone out there is
    crazy about you, so smile, life is too short to be unhappy :) 

  2. You are just one of the most stylish people I have ever seen Carli!! Hair
    on point, makeup on point, outfit on point. Plus I loved the hair tutorial.
    Just. Loved.
    *Could you please have a look at my channel? I will love you forever :) *

  3. I know you are super super busy but I have a question. I try not to wash my
    hair every day, but it gets oily. Do you recommend any products? Thank you
    so much.You videos have helped me evolve my look a ton! If any one else
    has any
    advice on hair care it would be greatly appreciated :) 

  4. I NEED THAT ANASTASIA LIP COLOUR IN MY LIFE! It looks sooo good on your
    Carli!!! And your hair is also amazing :) 

  5. Ughh this is so beautiful!!! Just wanted to say I purchased your carlilash
    when they first came out, and yesterday was my first time wearing them and
    trying them out and OH HOT DAMN! . I felt like a million bucks, so
    beautiful, I was channeling my inner Carli Bybel haha love you so much!!
    You are absolutely amazing! 

  6. Has anyone here tried Bellami extensions, the 24” set 240 grams?

    Can’t find many reviews on that one..

  7. So beautiful ! <3
    But really ? The hair you had at the beginning were air dried ? Wow If I
    let my hair air dry then I'll look like a lion 

  8. Hi carli I saw on your instagram that youd be replying to comments on
    youtube so i have a question…are you and brett ever thinking about having
    kids because theyd be gorgeous and handsome like you and brett!!!;)

  9. I find it kinda funny how nowadays messy hair-dos are a thing.
    When I was little my mom used to always do my hair for school. Super
    slicked back and tight ponytails. If there was 1 bump I would get so mad
    and mess up my entire hair lol. Such a little brat. 

  10. The thickness of my natural hair is about the size of your fishtail braid
    lol! Thank goodness for extensions when wanting extra hair ;) 

  11. Hello to all! How often are we supossed to wash our hair? Here at Mexico
    we’re told to do it daily! But i Wanna now someone else experience or tips!
    Thank youuu❤️

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