1. I would happily have watched the entire hour’s worth of footage from the
    interview! Shame you had to cut so much out :( 

  2. Handsomely beautiful! I love this look so much! Thanks for showing us
    Sam… Oh and also I love the background change.. the plants, brushes and
    books make a somewhat cozy homely feel about it instead of a simple white
    background like before. Oh and another thing, if you uploaded the full hour
    long unedited chat with Val I’m sure nobody would complain! LOL xx

  3. Really LOVE the way you do your brows, they look so natural, you are
    love this look on you too, you just get more and more beautiful Sam xx

  4. Love your videos, you gurls are amazing, and the fact that i might be ine
    of the few guys who watches you, is scary, buy i dont care, i just love the
    fact that you both are so passionate and caring towards your career and
    your “fans” we all love you and are proud to be part of the pixiwoo

  5. Applying the brows in an uneven line is genius!! It looks so natural!!!!
    Btw I love that you went out with this to pick up ur kids.

  6. Stunning as always! I love how you cater for everyone – e.g. a liner novice
    like myself could stop at the sort of 8:26 mark with the simple liner, but
    those who are more skilled can recreate the entire look and enjoy being
    creative! There really is something for everyone and that’s what makes you
    so accessible and fabulous to watch, just brilliant Sam :) ♥

  7. I could never in a million years replicate that onto myself or any other
    person let alone walking out into public with it! But this was so
    fascinating to watch and I absolutely love the look on you!

  8. Love this you make it look really easy Sam! Beautiful as usual. And I love
    your brows there not to full on they l look great. Is wear this to a party!

  9. Doesnt the tightline black transfer to the waterline and make it black? Is
    there any product that stays on the tightline???

  10. I hope for a world where this looks are wearable and we go out and about
    with this kind of amazingness on our faces if wanted

  11. Almost Cleopatra/ ancient Egyptian looking! Fun & great job! This old bat
    is crazy enough to play & try it, as it reminds me of all the fun looks I
    did back in the day when I was a MUA!.(Sniff my portfolio was destroyed by
    a flood…) <3 Jet

  12. Its weird. the reflection of the camera (or whatever) in your eyes hits
    exactly in the pupil and makes your eyes look almost like you have slight
    cataracts. not a complaint, just an interesting observation.

  13. Ahh would love to go on the course but its super expensive. I’m about to
    finish my qualification in fashion photographic and special effects so it
    would of been nice to have something else to do. Maybe next time :) Your
    eyebrows look amazing also.

  14. Love the new background and this look! What did your girls think about it
    when you picked them up from school? I should try it out and pick up my
    kids :) 

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