1. When I say I love this style omg I freaking loveeeeeee this style. You
    killed this shit! I want like right now lol

  2. This is soooooo cuuuute boo! Lovvve the style and color on you!!!!
    Thanks sooo much for the love!!!! xoxoox!!!!!

  3. I wanna try a blue Bob but I can’t choose between electric blue, a deep
    dark blue or a bright blue which do you prefdr

  4. I’ve always wanted to dye my real hair baby blue or dark blue but I don’t
    have the guts to do it. I just have to say you fucking did this look
    justice!!! You killin’ ‘em girl! 

  5. I tend to think that when the hair is without layers it makes ur face look
    really long but if that’s your preference work it!

  6. i like this a lot, especially when its just bone straight and without the
    bump, it looks very edgy and cute. love that color!

  7. I love the look. Can you do an in depth updated tutorial on how you made
    the wig???? They look so neat and professional so I want to know how I can
    make my wigs look just a great as yours do. 

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