1. Hahahaha Dani, all I can say is I ADORE you! You crack me up constantly
    lol! The look you came up with so stunning! I wish I could pull off all
    that beautiful blended color DANG! You’re totally making me blush with all
    your sweet words:) Love u girl! Your skin amazes me every time I watch one
    of your videos. It is so perfect and velvety! I sound like such a creeper
    haha! OOOOH I need that slave to pink…not that I could pull it off, but
    the collector in me needs it lol. I just love the way you layer these
    shadows, your looks are always so soft and beautiful. You are a blending
    MASTER! As always, you are such a joy to watch! Thank you for collabing
    with me love xoxo

  2. You must have texted her on time because she used the vice 2 palette as
    well :)
    Silly Dani! Love ya! And I would die for your huge real estate eyes

  3. Bahahaha girl, I love that you used the Vice 2! We just got to watch two
    very different looks! Lucky us!! Two of my favorite girls for sure!!!

  4. Haha loved the beginning and I LOVE when you use bright colors because they
    look so beautiful on you! Also loving these ColourPop videos because they
    give me lots of recommendations for eyeshadows and YouTubers to watch! <3

  5. I love purples, so I enjoyed the look!!! Your moment of pause made me
    laugh, thats totally something I would do and not realize until the video!

  6. Totally an awesome collab +CoffeeBreakwithDani two beautiful ladies that I
    totally love heheh and mallory used Vice 2 too

  7. Such a gorgeous, girly look! And LOL at the Vice 2! That’s so something I’d
    do!! I love Mallory so so much! She is just precious, an amazing person,
    and absolutely gorgeous! 

  8. I couldn’t stop laughing at your face realizing you used the vice 2! made
    my day :) Love the look! I would love to see how you style your hair, I’ve
    been loving the hair-do in the last few videos :) Have a good day!

  9. I finally got to sit down and watch my happy channel. You always make me
    smile Dani! Your lips look gorgeous! Such a beautiful color of lipstick.
    You always make it work girl. Blessings, prayers, love, and hugs, my

  10. Gorgeous, Dani! You always inspire me to wear more color! I also love
    Mallory! What a great collaboration! I hope you’re well! Hugs, Candice

  11. I actually think it’s a good thing you used your vice 2, I think that older
    palettes don’t get much love after a few months and it’s nice to see
    tutorials with older stuff in them.

  12. What an absolutely beautiful eye look +CoffeeBreakwithDani, my favorite
    look I’ve seen you do so far…love bright beautiful and bold colors on
    you- WOW! I think it’s a fun look for Valentine’s day with the pinks and
    purples, maybe that’s just me hahaha. I also love Colourpop so much-
    beautiful eyeshadows and lip products! I would love to see you do a look
    with the vice 3 and colour pop shadows- it would be two of my favorite
    things combined :D I should do a look with them over on my channel, I
    seriously think the Vice 3 palette may be one of (if not) my favorite
    palettes from +Urban Decay Cosmetics! Where does it stack up for you? :D xo

  13. Beautiful tutorial. I’m glad you used Vice 2, I almost gave mine away this
    weekend. So glad I didn’t. Now I need that colour pop shadow. 

  14. Too funny!!! I actually really enjoy it when everything is so real and
    normal :) this inspired me to break out my vice2 and show it some love!

  15. She used her Urban decay vice 2 pallet as well. I love the look!!! My
    favorite color eyeshadow look!! I love purple on my eyes!! You are so

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