1. This video was amazing. I don’t comment very often, but this is incredible.
    Contouring and highlighting make such a difference. Like a huge deference. 

  2. Awesome video, Tati. You were incredibly thorough, which is what is needed
    here on YT! :) Thank you for your high-quality content, and for taking the
    time to do great work here! Much love from my channel to yours. :-) You
    have convinced me to go buy these products!!

  3. How do you get your face makeup to look so natural, and not cakey in
    person? No matter what I do, foundation/concealer/powder all settle into
    every fine line on my face, accentuate all my dry spots, and make my skin
    look dull and extremely cakey. I’ve tried everything imaginable, but
    nothing seems to work. :( 

  4. This was seriously the most helpful contour (esp cream contour) video I’ve
    seen on YouTube. You broke everything down, explained it all so well, and
    made it seem doable for the average person. (Usually I watch cream contour
    videos with a horrified look plastered to my face. “WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON
    RIGHT NOW?!?!”)

  5. Lmao! That video made me laugh! Just so have you know…I breed and raise
    majestic contours for a living! Thank you very much! Hahaa! Jk jk! Great
    video! I can’t wait to beat my own face!! Lol! I really love watching your
    videos! It’s so cliché to say that you’re so real and ‘down to earth’ but
    you are and I absolutely love that about you! You’re amazing and an
    inspiration and a reminder to always be myself (it seems like it would be
    hard to forget but sometimes life gets in the way)! Love you Tati!

  6. Love this. Could you do a video on what make up to pack for a carribean
    vacation? I can go without make up during the day. Well maybe just some
    waterproof mascara and something on my brows. What is a simple heat proof
    look at night? I am in my late 40′s, brown eyes, brown hair with caramel
    highlights and medium complexion, warm undertones. I really do not want to
    pack a ton of stuff, and want to look pulled together fast! Thanks

  7. I love Tati and I mean this with no hate.. But since when does she use such
    high end products I’m use to Tati being the drugstore queen.. But really
    Gucci.. Idk

  8. This might sound dumb but can you like pleaseeee pleaseee make a video
    about finding the right shade of foundation? All this time i thought my
    shade was Barcelona in NARS.. I looked like umpa lumpa when i went outside
    today! I couldnt believe i didnt get the rigjt shade

  9. Never seen that setting spray around even tho i have the infailable
    foundation. Guess Belgium once again, didnt put all of the products of one
    line, in the drugstore. Same with the maybelline fit me concealer…we have
    every single product of the line, except for the concealer. Urghhhhhhh -.-

  10. Flawless as always Tati. Can I just have you be my personal makeup artist
    every morning? That is the dream!!
    Most days I skip the contour, maybe just a little bit of soft powder
    through the cheekbone but for a night out I will definitely go all out like
    this! I think contouring can be fun :) it’s like makeup magic!! 

  11. If it makes you feel better about your contour-bird association, the
    Condor is a type of vulture. There’s actually a Californian Condor! (Omg
    why do I know this?)

  12. I don’t mind your ‘forever’ videos. You always have a point and in this
    case, you seem happy, content and still manage to throw some humor in there
    even if it wasn’t intention. i.e- You beat your face! LOL

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