1. I know it’s basic of me, but J-Lo is my complexion icon. I can have the
    smuttiest eyeliner, the grungiest lipstick, and the scruffiest clothes on,
    and I still want my skin to look like solidified light.

    And can I say how much I love you for not hopping aboard every other
    trendwagon and just doing you? Lately some girls have been going at their
    brows, cheeks, and lip lines so hardcore, it just looks neurotic to me.
    Drama needs a little deconstruction to balance it out, and you seem to get

  2. you are the very first youtube i ever watched 5 years ago! how crazy is
    that? and all that time later I’m finally making my own videos! you are an
    amazing artist x

  3. I have that Revlon highlighter so I get so happy everytime you use it!
    Beautiful look, as soon as I saw her on the red carpet I was soooo hoping
    you’d do this look! :) stunning as usual! 

  4. my favourite beauty guru. i LOVE the fact every single time you do your
    makeup it looks like skin instead of it being cakey but you also have a
    full coverage, &you are incredibly beautiful. keep doing what you’re doing

  5. OMG beautiful look ! You’re so beautiful ! But I see the products in the
    description box ! Help help can you please tell me what shade foundation
    you use in makeup forever ! You shoe the bottle but never give us the shade
    ! Thanks love your videos ! 

  6. There’s no debate, you’re the best beauty youtuber… THE BEST!!! Thats not
    an opinion!
    This look is stunning!

    And I think I speak on behalf of all your long time subscribers that we’re
    very protective of you. Mr. Man better treat you with the modt respect and
    know how lucky he is to even land a date with you!!! And thanks for letting
    us in on the fun!

  7. I couldn’t find this makeup forever powder on Sephora’s website…the #941 :( makeup I am looking at something different – if you find it please link
    it :) ) xoxo I love love your tutorials gorgeous 

  8. Hi Eman, will you be at imats LA?? I really wanna meet you, Im going to
    imats for the first time and Im listing who is going instead of products :D :D:D

  9. You’re so beautiful yet you don’t let that affect how you act! Down to
    earth and natural that’s hard to find these days! Also your work is amazing

  10. Loved it!!! Does the wet n wild gel liner irritate your eye at all?? I’ve
    always wanted to try it, but not sure if it’d work on the waterline. I wear
    contacts as well so just wondering any input about this. Xoxo

  11. So I know some makeup artist say you aren’t supposed to contour with
    bronzer, that you need to use a contouring product. What do you think about

  12. Mila kunis + adriana lima = EMAAAN… This beauty is just unfair :D you are
    so beautiful.. Greetings from germany/turkey <3

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