1. YAY ♥ Another makeup tutorial! ♥ This one is inspired by a look the
    gorgeous Kendall Jenner ♥ Hope you like it ♥

  2. Hi. I thinks that kendall wear false lashes cause their lashes look so long
    especially on her selfie.
    I love the music that you used here. Anyway you’re the only one youtubers
    with carlybibel and Dianasaldana who is really beautiful naturally without
    makeup to me.
    Xox from france :) 

  3. ahhhh this is so beautiful! I definitely need to pick up that tempted
    eyeshadow by MAC, it’s so gorgeous! & girl I think you worked this look
    better than kendall! I still love her though! xx

  4. whenever u do a celeb inspired look, u look so much like them in every
    video u make….how do u do it!!? i mean how incredible u r!!! just
    amazing!!! i just love looking at u!!!! i have a girl crush on u!!

  5. You are seriously becoming one of my fav. youtubers rn, like your so good
    and your makeup looks are always on point. Not to mention you seem like
    such a nice person.
    Wishing you all the best :) x

  6. Kendall is a pretty girl and I loved this look, but u are gorgeous!!! I
    never feel like wearing red lips with eyeshadow, but I think I should try
    it sometime.

  7. Hi +Kaushal Beauty could you please please do a make up tutorial for dark
    red lips and perhaps a simple eyeshadow look? Pleaseeee!!
    Lots of love from Sri Lanka <3

  8. Every time I see a new makeup tutorial of yours i think oh this the most
    beautiful look yet! You are so talented and gorgeous.xx

  9. WOW!!! That has to be your best makeup tutorial yet! Also while you were
    filming and we could only see the upper part of your face, I couldn’t
    believe how much you actually look like Kendall- had never noticed before!
    Anyway, you’re gorgeous and it was a fab vid.

  10. I love watching make up tutorials, but I don’t really wear any (unless
    eyeliner, mascara and carmex count?). I feel so overwhelmed when I go
    shopping for make up, especially when I approach a make up counter. I was
    wondering if you could do a tutorial for beginners, just showing a basic
    everyday look with some tips and tricks for those starting out with make
    up? For example: how do you work out your foundation/concealer colours? I’m
    sure I’m not the only one that would find this helpful xx

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