1. Now, I’m wondering if the fact that I had, to this day, absolutely no idea
    who the hell Kylie Jenner is makes me lame…and I am so absolutely sure
    that whatever she is, she is not a celebrity or has the definition changed
    dramatically since the last time I checked?

    Regardless, Amelia, you are lovely as always and it’s a pleasure watching
    you. I do like the look!

  2. Love this look! Absolutely love it! Weirdly, I just went through some of my
    lip products about an hour ago and found my Revlon matte balm and found
    that it was the Sultry shade. Fate! Plus, I’ve been following Sona for a
    couple of weeks in Instagram and always kept reminding myself to find her
    YT channel. I finally subscribed today! 

  3. Hi Smelia, I love your videos so much! Your editing is ALWAYS on point (and
    so is your skin). I love the glitter in this look too, I hope my channel
    will be this good one day.
    Love from a fellow subscriber.

  4. Amelia i love how u r always so generous with shoutouts especially in
    collabs like u really went all out to even include a short clip in essence
    of the other party u r working with. Thats one magnanimous youtube
    personality we’ve got here :) 

  5. Absolutely love your videos and this look but after every beauty youtuber
    under the sun doing this look I can’t wait for there to be something

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