1. It’s so refreshing to see a youtuber that doesnt cake up the makeup with
    heavy contouring. That’s why I appreciate you and your videos so much and I
    think others do too. Even when you do a night out look it looks sexy but
    not over the top at the same time. Keep up the good work woman! xx

  2. I don’t see the used products in the description box.. :-( I also have some
    questions: Eman, while doing make up, how do you clean your shadow brush
    when you have to use it with different shade colors? Secondly, can I use
    Lancome palette you used in your video “Natural Valentines day make up” to
    create every day make up? If yes, which palette is better for every day-
    from this video or Lancome? For now, I can afford to buy just one of them

  3. Eman please start putting the products you used in the description box
    like the lashes and stuff coz its really annoying because every other
    youtuber manages too

  4. +MakeupByEman you are perhaps the only you tuber that I follow who doesn’t
    do a dramatic contouring and highlighting under the eyes and it looks so
    much better even more youthful. Could you explain maybe on a video your
    thoughts about this trend and maybe also explaining how many shades lighter
    should your concealer be. Thanks in advance and you are stunning I love
    every single video and look that you make.

  5. i have another request eman plz :) do a makeup tutorial inspired by a
    turkish actress called “beren saat ” pllllllllllz <3 love ya mwah 

  6. Really like the look. Very pretty and fresh, nice for spring. But fake
    eyelashes for an everyday makeup look? That’s a bit too much. But I’m sure
    it would look lovely without them.

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