1. Amanda can you pLEASE let us know what lighting you use!? I legit can’t get
    over how gorgeous your quality is! I’ve been messing with my lighting but
    it’s not perfect and it’s so frustrating! 

  2. HOW DO YOUR LIPS LOOK LIKE THERE ARE NO LINES?!!! It’s just looks smooth
    and perfect, how?! TELL US YOUR SECRET! Lol, beautiful as always, Amanda.

  3. I’ve found with the Real Techniques sponges that they are very
    inconsistent. I’ve bought tons of them and I’ve realized there are two
    different kinds somehow. One is stiffer, like you said, and it has very
    visible holes in the sponge. There is another one that is an exact dupe for
    the material of beauty blenders. I’ve learned to spot the difference when
    I’m purchasing them and I love them but it’s just a weird little thing I’ve

  4. For us oily eyelid girls does anyone else not like when our eyelids tend to
    crease even when applying foundation/concealer/setting powder? i love this
    look but if i see creasing in my eyes it annoys me and im constantly
    rubbing those lines away! my only tip that i know to do is always prime my
    eyes with urban decay primer potion to start before anything else because
    no matter what if i dont use a good eye primer whatever i place on my
    eyelids will turn into crease lines all over, does anyone else experience
    this too?

  5. Ok girl i love ya. Always have. And i know u git ur lips done not made at
    that but did you plump up it face too??? Not mad at hi what ever makes u
    happy just wondered cuz i thought i was just seeing things. 

  6. Maybe its just me but I think that contouring does nothing for you because
    I don’t see a difference. It could be because you haven’t applied it in the
    correct place that your face shape would suit. Just a word of advice for
    you :) love you loads

  7. You are so beautiful with and without make up! You look so young without
    make up, and so glamorous with it! I love your easy look, even though I
    prefer eye shadow, even if it’s just a sweep on my lids and in my crease.
    I love my Beauty Blender, and tried a dupe once, but you get what you pay
    for, and I think it’s worth the extra cash to look our best, and we’re
    worth it! :-) 

  8. I like that you actually read your comments because last time people
    complained you didn’t show foundation/lashes and now you did (:

  9. omg the lashes are just so beautiful!! yaaay you choose the 2nd thumbnail!!
    hehe Im the girl with the skull face makeup on snap lololol 

  10. Love this! This makes me want to try out that NARS foundation. As for the
    RT sponge, the first one I got was great, but once that one started to get
    old, I got a new one and it is waaaay too firm. Not really sure what’s
    going on with them!

  11. I actually think the Real Techniques sponge is so much better than the
    Beauty Blender. I wet my sponge upon purchase & let it dry for about two
    days. It works so well & is super soft!

  12. So this is not an insult, I’m genuinely just curious… are her lips
    naturally plump like that or did she have something done to them or what?

  13. I just bought my first beauty blender over the weekend and I must say that
    my real techniques one is a lot softer. I was shocked doing my make up this
    morning at how stiff the beauty blender is. 

  14. man you guys are really something else, making backhanded compliments like
    “her lips injections make her lips looks so soft” etc like really?? stop
    talking about her lips already, you guys have such low confidence that
    you’re jealous that she can do whatever she wants with her lips and look
    GREAT each and every time. enough is enough already, just enjoy the damn
    video. love you amanda!!

  15. Does anyone know if a dupe for MACs warm soul blush is Milani’s Berry
    Amore? Or, what is a good dupe for warm soul? I’m not a fan of MAC

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