1. You are sooo pretty! Where are you from? Ur skin colour is so tan, in
    Sorry if i sound like a creep, i just wanted to know

    Ps: love ur videoss❤️

  2. Woo how cool is that! Looks amazing, I have just started my own channel and
    could not even imagine down as well as you! ♡

  3. Another great video … Love love love that elongated eyeliner look on you.
    Superb !!! Also can you plz tell if that body shop lipstick is a matte or
    glossy finish. Thank you xoxo

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Can you show us what your hair looked like from
    the back??? Was it rolled and pinned or curled?? It went so perfect with
    the makeup.

  5. the makeup in this is absolutely stunning once again! that highlighter is
    gorgeous deffo gonna get it! I’ve recently uploaded a makeup tutorial with
    a similar lip its just not ombre.. it would mean the world if anyone
    checked it out and left me some feedback! thanks!

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