1. Congratulations of 200,000! I am very excited to see what the future
    holds, Ally! Thanks for the new vid, and thanks for being a friend. Now
    go get some rest, Pretty Face. Work hard, play hard…

    Sleep harder. :) 

  2. Hey guys, I really missed you!! :D My absence has been due to a very
    technically challenging ASMR project that I collaborated on with some
    ASMR-creator friends in NYC! For those interested, here’s a pic from our
    set: http://goo.gl/bfvqcp #360degrees #ASMRVR #OculusRift

    I’ll make sure to keep you updated as that project gets closer to release!
    Now, please enjoy this new Tutorial Tingles where I create a seasonal
    Simmer Pot for relaxation. Enjoy! :) 

  3. Ally! Especially considering your knife was very dull, when you are slicing
    something such as an orange, once you get half way done with it you should
    flip it around so you’re again cutting the untouched side :) it makes it
    much easier and you’ll lose less juice, so it’s also a little cleaner. 

  4. Did anyone else get shivers from the cloves? They looked like little bugs
    in the pot. I saw so many people posting on her last videos that she lost
    subs bc of the sponsored video but I guess not? I don’t see anyone
    commenting that she’s sponsored by grocery stores now. Anyway, Ally I hope
    you sharpen those knives or get new ones :) also it’s “autumnal” not
    “autumny” lol


    the trifecta!?!? that twitter pic!?!?



    omg, that video is going to cause sleepy tingle overload over the
    interwebs. Skynet will be but a blemish compared to that video.

    :) Welcome back!

  6. also I’d love to see another video like this! I also really liked your cake
    pops video that you put out in the fall, cooking asmr videos are super
    relaxing! great work as always, thanks girl! 

  7. Worst knife ever. If you try to murder someone with that thing you might
    actually heal them :) Congrats on 200K subscribers! You are the best.
    Can”t wait for your roleplay video(s).

  8. When I was being home schooled I remember one of my teachers had this same
    recipe for a simmer pot & never knew what it was till now.

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