1. Does castor oil really help? I’ve def been debating using it. I’m
    constantly changing how I do them.

  2. Heyy Kaushal Di! I love love lovee your video’s. I am not that much of a
    make-up freak like I use very less amount of products when I go out but I
    watch your Tutorials which ever it may be, every single day. They are soo
    entertaining and so beautiful to watch! You make applying make up and all
    so easy and it is always beautifully done! And not to forget to mention
    that you are really really very pretty Masha-Allah. I had a request for
    you, My sister is getting married soon and she really hates the way the
    famous parlous here do the bridal make up like they put every single
    product they can find on your face and it ends up looking really fake and
    ghostly. She wants her bridal make-up to be simple but eye catching! So if
    you could do a bridal tutorial for brides in India or Bangladesh that
    would be great! It’s completely okay if you would not like to do it though :) Thank you soo much and keep smiling always! xXxXxXx

  3. Omg what! I never thought to use the Zoeva wing liner brush on my brows…
    I always used the brow line brush. I’m gonna give that a go!! 

  4. Hello sunshine! Your videos always make me smile! How’s the gym routine
    going? Your eyebrows suit your face perfectly. I just use the darkest shade
    in my Naked’s Basic palette to kinda fill mine in ha I’m lazy! Xxxx

  5. i love how natural you make them look despite your entire procedure for
    your eyebrows… hehe. You’re a very good makeup artist never stop what
    you’re doing :)

  6. I’ve always wanted to try like “liquid” brow gels & stuff but I’m so scared
    they will look unnatural on me…

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