1. New video, everyone! Learn how to add the rope braid into your regular
    braids to give it a whole different look. Thumbs up if you like them! ^*^
    Also, I’ll be uploading a hair tutorial every Tuesday and a beauty video
    every Friday so don’t forget to keep an eye out for them every week. ^*^
    love ya long time!

  2. You just have the most beautiful hair! And you make everything look SOOOO
    EASY! You inspire me to try out more hairstyles! 

  3. I love your tutorials! They are so easy to follow and I have been trying to
    find new ways to do my hair. Until I started watching your videos,I
    couldn’t do anything beyond a ponytail or standard braid. I’ve been trying
    to figure out the rope braid for years! Thank you!

  4. Hey, just wanted to say thank you. The second braid is really amazing! Took
    me four times to get it right this morning but it was worth it! I really
    love how it looks. So thanks a lot for sharing! 

  5. It’s amazing.
    I noticed your editing was a little different this time. What editor do you
    Stay blessed. Love you <3

  6. I looooooove tge 4 strand braid sooooi much…my hair have different hights
    so i don’t know how it’ll look but i’ll give a try…:-)thank you sooo

  7. Your hair is so long and healthy! Please make a video on how to achieve
    that! Do you use a product to make it so smooth and shiny? Thanks!! :) 

  8. Soo beautiful!! U inspire me alot! And your very beautiful too. I also like
    your very long hair! My long hair was chopped off ! i am looking forward to
    watching more of ur videos and trying them out! I love your videos and im a
    huge fan!

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