1. I haven’t written a game since I wrote a breakout clone for my 486. Things
    have really changed — you haven’t coded a line and the bird already
    animates.. I wrote a tight assembly procedure to draw the paddle into my
    screen buffer.. just a bitmap graphic I made in the text editor. Now I
    feel old. Way to go. :) 

  2. Awesome tutorial buy the way does the bird script use on mouse down if yes
    that would be great, if not can you tell me how to change it so that it
    will use the function on mouse down. Thanks in advanced
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. At 15:00 when I create the empty game object and place my background in it
    as soon as i hit play the folder disappears and my backgrounds jump back to
    the original place 

  4. Thanks quill! You can fix the chrome bug by right clicking where it should
    be and selecting inspect element, then it shows up

  5. Great idea! It is the perfect game to teach 2d and the timing is also
    perfect :-) Knowing all the buzz around it and the amount of money
    involved, showing how simple this game is will surely motivate more people
    to make games :-) 

  6. Awesome, I was hoping you’d show us the ins and outs of the 2D mode. I’m
    spending today following this tutorial in making a flappybird clone!

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