1. Love it Kayleigh!!! Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I know how
    tired and stressed you were about getting it done. I just wanted you to
    know that I appreciate your hard work! YOU ARE SUPER BEAST!!!!

  2. Kayleigh!
    Loved this look, however your eyes are so red so it’s not easy to see the
    actual look of it.
    Get some more sleep sista. You need a break! (I’m not being rude at all,
    please don’t hate me)

  3. Thank you so much for making this, Kayleigh! I’ve been waiting for it since
    you uploaded your Haul video! Such a beautiful look! LOVE IT SO MUCH! Gonna
    wear it on my VDay ball!

  4. You have seriously become one of my favorite you tubers I love that for as
    long as you’ve been on YouTube you still use drugstore products! Love this
    look you did an amazing job! Xoxo also if anyone is interested I have a
    beauty channel too check it out If you want is love some feedback :) 

  5. Kay — I loved this look. It’s looks so well put together and it brings out
    your eye color so beautifully. I was wondering if you can include a more
    natural makeup look? Thank you for doing this and of course, drugstore is
    always so affordable. It works great for many of us ❤️
    Love youuuu

  6. Love the look but it’s not a simple look. Hun you got a lot of make up on.
    But it is beautiful. Just too much on the lashes. They look spiderwebby :(
    I hope I don’t sound so rude. Just my thoughts. I truly did love it though.

  7. Kayleigh I just friggin love you. You’re as real as they get, I love that
    after all these years (been watching you since the beginning), you’ve
    stayed relatable and down to earth and so damn sweet! Your face is stunning
    and so is your makeup but that’s just a bonus, I love your personality <3

  8. this is seriously THE best tutorial!! :D loveee your eye makeup, and it all
    looks so flawless! and the glitter is just…the best thing invented xD <3

  9. Question from a fellow Youtuber. How do you get away with playing the
    ariana grande cover music at the beginning? I have the hardest time finding
    music that’s “safe” xx thank u. 

  10. awwww I also did a tutorial on my channel for valentines day similar to
    this one using glitter :) Beautiful look doll, we thank you for you loyalty
    in putting up videos, please don’t feel obligated to upload every day, your
    rest is more important. Don’t stress about it, we will be here regardless :) 

  11. I feel bad asking this because you’re so stressed about putting these
    videos up everyday but maybe sometime in the future can you do a video on
    how to apply lashes? xD I know you showed yourself putting them on but I
    would like for you to go into more detail. For the past 4 months I started
    wearing eye lashes but I can never do it correct on my left eye and idk
    why.. My right eye comes out great. I think I have different eye shapes

  12. Love the look Kayleigh! Keep up the good work but you know we’ll forgive
    you if you miss a day or two to get some rest and take care of you. Love
    you and Matt!

  13. This is the first I’ve seen or heard of those Revlon Eye Art things and
    they look AMAZING! Cant wait to try and find some! I’m a huge fan of
    glitter! Thanks Kayleigh <3 

  14. please do a pamper day routine (valentine ‘s day is coming!!), skincare
    routine and/or what you think of lush products now that you have used them
    for a while :) 

  15. This is making my eyes hurt! My eyes get irritated with certain eyeshadows
    and eye liners. My eyes look just like yours except i end up having to take
    my makeup off!

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