1. I love your spirit, because Valentine’s Day is such a nice and warm holiday
    to celebrate regardless of whether you have a significant other <3 It's
    such a shame to see people feeling down on it

  2. You haven’t used boing concealer in a while… we’ve come a long way! haha
    throwback:) wish you love from Germany!

  3. The excuses kinda bug me. It’s one thing to just not feel like putting one
    up, which is fine, but to use even things like social media as an excuse.
    blah. people who are way busier with college, a job, a significant other,
    moving, or business owners (ei. Marlena from Makeup Geek) get videos up,
    just saying. but let the hate comments from the teenagers begin.

  4. Some people may say you dress to mature for your age, some people may say
    you act to mature for your age. I say you’re too beautiful for your age.
    Loved this video, it was literally perfection :) )

  5. i literally copied this look but changed lipstick and sent a picture to my
    friend and so told me i looked ugly and sent it to people and they called
    me ugly and she said she was going to post it on ig.

    this world is so cruel. i just wanted to show i did a simple makeup
    tutorial and she went way to far and now I’m so depressed but i still think
    this tutorial is fab. 

  6. HI NATHALIE!! Can you PLEASE do a video on your filming setup, how you
    edit, and film your videos?? I think your quality is amazing, and it would
    be really helpful! THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE! 

  7. Tell me why I feel like the fit me stick in the same shade yours looks
    super muddy on me and I have the same skin tone as you rn (W4/3 in true

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