1. I can’t get over how different your stila patina looks. Mine is definitely
    darker and not anywhere near as pink. It’s like a mauvey pink with a little
    brown in it. Does anyone else’s look like that?

  2. Love you! I’ve started a channel, trying to stir things up in a
    non-conventional beauty way <3 Subscribe and stay tuned!! XOXO

  3. I always notice that the little heart by your name always matchs like your
    shirt or lips. I loove the thought of that (: love you amanda <33

  4. Omg boo! You look so gorgeous with bigger lips and black hair. Loved your
    tutorial as always & I just wanted to comment this time because you’ve been
    looking breathtaking lately ❤️❤️❤️ so much love from Moscow, Russia

  5. This is stunning girl! The pink shirt does really bring out the look. Super
    girly and chic, I loved this and I’m glad you uploaded it xoxo

  6. I’m just saying, it would be nice for some type of change in your videos. I
    know you just did an eye brow routine and maybe you like to cut the video
    short by not including the brows but why not include them in some videos,
    as well as the liner and lashes. It just seems repetitive to only show the
    eye look. 

  7. How is the Estée Lauder matte primer?? Is it best for oily skin, dry skin??
    I’ve never heard anyone talk about this primer before!! 

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