1. what’s the name of the type of sexuality where you have a crush on a gay
    guy, who’s putting on makeup like a boss? mannysexual?
    haha huge fan from germany!! 

  2. And you are the male version of CHRISSPY!! Omg you both are talented makeup
    artist but also have the same way to talk and the gestures!!! Love you both

  3. You don’t even need to explain yourself Manny! You are such a sweet, funny
    and beautiful person and deserve to be where you are. People that question
    you are just haters…if they don’t like it…dont f*ckin watch it!!

  4. I never have watched a beauty youtuber video before 301 everrrrr! This is a
    really original look for V-day, not too soft, and definitely exactly what
    you said. “Imma gonna steal your man if you leave him alone in a room with
    me” hahaha

  5. MANNY!
    You are literally so amazing and I look forward to watching your new
    videos. You are growing and youre going to have such wonderful
    opportunities coming to you. Im sure I speak for everyone when I say this
    but we feel so lucky to be along there along the way and see what you do!
    Love you! ♡

  6. I fucking love you, Manny. You always make me laugh I just admire you so
    much. I also loove that you put bloopers at the end of all your videos.
    Lol. I love how open and real you are. Like I said, I admire you so much. I
    love you and you look so gorgeous. You’re perfect, babe.

  7. this was so gorgeous goddamn, and as always you make my entire day to watch
    :’) ugh this video just put a smile on my face, no other “beauty guru” can
    really do that like you can :p you just care about your viewers so much and
    wow. <3

  8. Kind of silly for people to get bothered by you sharing what you’re doing,
    or who you are friends with. Like, I see youtubers and celebrities as
    regular people.. you know? And as a regular person, you’re allowed to have
    friends and you’re certainly allowed to tell people who are interested in
    what you’re doing, what you’re doing. lol. Anyway, this look is
    FAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! :) Do you have a Valentine, Manny? or are you just gonna
    wear this look and steal a man? Hahah :) <3

  9. You are just beautiful, inside and out! I love watching your videos. I am
    so happy that your channel is growing and you are experiencing all the
    benefits from being on YouTube! You deserve it all! Xoxo

  10. You are delightful! I’m old as dirt and you still give me ideas that I can
    pick up on. Thanks for being such a unique personality and thanks for
    making me laugh with your humor. Keep up the great work!!

  11. I just came over from Lizzys channel and I have no idea how I’ve gotten
    this far without being subscribed to you.. My life is now complete ..
    You’re amazing ! 

  12. Your videos make my LIFE lol..I was having the worst weekend but seeing
    that you had a new tutorial up made me so happy! You never fail to put a
    smile on my face! And I’m definitely going to try out this look for
    Valentine’s day..I love a good smoky eye! <3

  13. I loved it!!!!! im also subscribed to lizzy….i love you both!! And shes
    right you will be big and well known…the moment i saw you on jennys q&a i
    was like…yep his funny honest personality will make him unique and
    lovable..and thats exactly what happened… keep it up!…and for who ever
    commented saying you’re showing off…hmm well if they were in a room with
    famous well known people they will post it too…lol shiiiiiitttt 

  14. After i do my eyes i always get stuck on what color blush and lipstick to
    choose. What is +Manny Mua ‘s rule of thumb if you have one? I.e. bold eyes
    = bold lips please help!!!! You’ve already taught me so much but I’m not
    pickin up what your puttin down on that part darlin! 

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