1. Whenever Lauren first applies her foundation, I always shriek and go “no no
    no that’s not the right colooooor” then the full face I’m like “ok that’s a
    little too yellow” after the whole make up I feel relieved and go “what was
    I thinking… of course it will all work out…” HAHAHA

  2. I’ve noticed you’ve been using real techniques brushes a lot lately which
    makes me feel better about not having high end brushes. Hahaha xx

  3. this is amazing. you’re so talented and beautiful! I NEED YOUR HELP! my
    boyfriend is visiting me for spring break and want to look stunning for him
    using the naked 2 basics palette. we have a long distance relationship
    while i finish my bachelors degree. we have been dating for about 3 years
    and are happily in love!! I would really love and appreciate if you could
    help me!! pleased and thank you!! xxxx

  4. Hi Lauren :) Just wondering how you get your Jordana Best Lash Extreme
    Mascara as they don’t ship directly to Australia. I’m just guessing you
    probably brought it one time while you were over there

  5. Wow, love the eyeliner, looks so amazing, gives it really chic effect!!
    You look gorgeous, the makeup is perfect for Valentine’s Day!!

  6. Can people recommend me some good mascaras, as in I do know a few but when
    I apply them to my bottom lashes it ends up smudging underneath my eye or
    dropping a few clumps underneath like half an hour since I put it on. I
    would like ones that don’t do that so I don’t have to constantly worry
    about that happening afterwards?

  7. Hold up.. We’ve waited nearly two weeks for a 7 minute video? Lollll. You
    need to take your channel more seriously and commit to this so called “full
    time job” that you claim to have. Uploading once every week/two weeks isn’t
    full time. And the videos aren’t GREAT when you do upload, so it’s not like
    we’re getting good quality videos after waiting for so long. There’s no
    consistency or passion in your videos anymore. Cue all her minions
    attacking me in 3,2,1… 

  8. Watching Laurens videos really makes me miss being a blonde (im a chocolate
    brownie now)! This is a bit more personal, but any tips on how to make your
    nose makeup not rub off the guys nose when you kiss? :P Its making me
    really frustrated and embarrassed when my guy gets my makeup on him haha..
    I cant be the only one who has this problem… right? :P 

  9. Lauren, I had a crap day basically and your videos and you yourself add joy
    into my life. I want to thank you for that. Your incredible.

  10. I feel as though Lauren is an amazing makeup artist, however she is also a
    youtuber. I think what Lauren needs to do is to be a bit more personal in
    her videos, it’s always focussed on the makeup which most of the time is
    quite similar. If she was a little bit more open about her life and if she
    gave off more of a positive vibe, I think it would make the tutorials a
    little bit more interesting. What do you guys think?

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