1. I would so support you as a contestant on faceoff on syfy youd rock the
    competition into the dirt ;D also great makeup as usual dang i really need
    to get back into workin on stuff but well…currently on hiatus to save
    money for fanime con a huge anime convention in san jose california that
    and well im just a very busy guy lately v.v sigh my priorities seem to push
    away my passions thus is life

  2. omg pinkystylist im going to ask you nicely your are epic and probably
    should be doing this makeup for famous movies but can i ask you to do a
    russian speel experiment creepy pasta omegle please? id love to see the
    reaction. anyways thanks for reading. cant w8 for the next 1! <3

  3. The only version of Baron Samedi I’ve seen was from the James Bond film
    Live and Let Die (1973). But this is a lot more darker looking one and just
    seeing it once makes me like it more, awesome job!

    Nemesis from Resident Evil 3

  4. Wonderful tutorial as always Charlie! :D Anywho, I was hoping maybe you
    could do a makeup tutorial of The Undertaker from the anime
    Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler? :) It would be really cool!

  5. I came to the comments and there were 666 comments……. I wanted to say
    it looks like you could have photoshopped it in good job!

  6. Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant, the teeth are AWSOME I hope you get the
    opportunity to re use them. Sending hugz and loves xxxxx 

  7. your looks are just wicked!!! And I think ill do this look for this years
    halloween ^*^ so awesome! you rock! ^*^……p.s. can you do the make-up
    for “der-kindestod” from buffy the vampire slayer?

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