1. omg when I first saw the title I read “Warm Hole” instead of warm halo.
    There is something wrong with me. But it didn’t stop me from clicking on
    the video.

    LOVE this look. obvi. xx

  2. Love this look! Can I request something though? I don’t have too many mug
    shadows and I would love to see a look with like the Lorac pro, Ud naked
    1/2/3, or vice3 etc. Just palettes that people might more likely own.
    Thanks manny❤️

  3. I’m literally pulling these shadows out right now to recreate this … I’m
    normally not into the “empty middle” eye looks… but everything you do is
    perfection – LOVE xoxo 

  4. Wow Manny CONGRATS ON SLL THE SUBSCRIBERS!!! I have been with you first
    mentioned your channel on Instagram!!! I love you soooo much your so real
    and I can’t get enough of your videos!!! You really deserve the fame and

  5. i know that you get tons of comments per day, but i wanted to take the time
    to say thank you. im a survivor of domestic violence, and my escape was
    make up, and watching YouTube videos, ive recently come across your videos,
    im so inspired by how confident and real you are about yourself. i used to
    wear make up to hide my sadness and occasionally to hide the bruises. i
    used wear it because i believed it made me prettier. now i wear it to
    enhance my beauty. your videos mean a lot to me. i see how strong and
    confident you are and it makes me feel like i can take on the world too.
    your happiness radiates and i want to be that way too, your smile makes me
    want to smile. im still waiting for all my broken pieces to come home, but
    in the mean time watching your videos really helps keep my mind out of dark
    places i don’t want to remember. Thank you Manny❤️

    Love Carla

  6. Please tell me you’re going to do a meet up in Dallas. Please please! I’m
    trying to get a ticket for beautycon but don’t know if I will be able to. I
    love you! 

  7. Not one thumbs down with 735 ups. I’ve never seen that many up votes and no
    down votes and it is well deserved.

  8. manny you’re such a huge inspiration to me, thank you for being you and
    doing what you do! Makes me not give a shit what people think! Xx :D 

  9. Can you do a favorite brushes video? And like with the sigma ones do a
    comparison with the Morphe brushes, I really need some help as I don’t want
    to pay top dollar on sigma brushes if I don’t have to ;)

    Ps love the eye look and love watching your videos you’re gorgeous !! I’m
    jell lol xx <3

  10. manny just bought the 3 lipstick bundle from gerard and saved myself 30
    bucks with your code! you are the best mi chola chula <3 haha

  11. My boss follows you on YouTube and I just finished watching 20min of your
    video and said I should go out with you since on your last video you said
    you were single as f***. 

  12. You are such a beautiful human being inside and out Manny, never change and
    always be yourself, you are more than enough and you bring joy into
    people’s lives by being the fun, sweet, talented person that you are! 

  13. Let’s be honest, I never thought I would be attracted to a guy in makeup
    but Manny, you are hawt. For real. And you know what the hell you are going
    with makeup! Get it girl (man lol)!

  14. Yaaaaas!!!! I also use that lip combo and you seriously gave me life
    knowing you use that same combo! LOVE YA! xoxo

  15. omg Manny you are getting so big! not fat! look at your subies girl!!!!
    ahhhhh so happy and excited for you!! I started watching when u where about
    to hit like 80k. I feel so loyal :) kisses!!

  16. The God of the beautes!!!<3
    I had you on ig but had never watched your vids..

    You're soooooo freaking fun to watch
    And I love you even more now because I've been searching this eyeshadow
    technique but couldn't find the name of it anywhere..

    You're amazing!<3

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